We offer world-wide service in cases of emergencies whether scheduled or emergency transport, we always provide the adequate escort.


Our qualified and experienced health professionals, whether paramedics, nursing personnel or tactical operations specialists are at your side 24hours a day.


Our ambulance aircrafts, jets, turboprop aircrafts and helicopters are equipped with extensive medical devices. State-of-the-art respirators and monitoring technology as well as special treatment options (burns, spinal column injuries, incubators, blood gas analysis, etc.) are at your service all the time.


We are at your side, from the first contact in a clinic to the transfer to your final medical facility. Our specialists support your communication with local authorities or conduct multilingual doctor-to-doctor talks. As a matter of course we also carry out local medical research with German doctors. Our bed-to-bed service includes necessary medical ground transportation, clinic treatments or intensive care providing highest medical standards.


Whether Europe, Asia, America, Africa or Australia, we will be there!

International Flight Ambulance / Repatriation

Critical  Care  Unit