Helicopter Emergency Service

In times of medical specialists it is consistently vital to take patients with severe diseases or complications to a specialist or special treatment centers. We provide a bed-to-bed service for those purposes.


We are prepared to take over all occuring tasks, like contacting specialists and we will be conducting the transportation of the intensive care patient safely and with exceptionable reliability.


DAY & NIGHT!  24 hours on 365 days!
Critical Care Transport Helicopter

·  Air rescue independent of geographical structures

· Transfer between hospitals for hospital groups

· Intensive care transports (ARDS respiration / Novalung)

· Transfer to balance point centers (e.g. hepatobiliary centers)

· Special service for cardiac centers (ECLA-transport)

· Transport of OP teams (transplantation teams)

· Complication management (establishing of a connection and transfer)

Helicopter rescue is an effective and gentle method of rescue service. In many regions in the world, helicopter rescue is ideal because of the local conditions.


We support your efforts to establish a premium air rescue or, if desired, build up and operate an air rescue service for you. Primary rescue, intensive care transports or mixture of services, are only a few options available.


Whether coast, mountains or urban area, we have the adequate helicopter.

HEMS (Air Rescue)