Critical Care Transport / Emergency Medical Servies (EMS)

Emergency service / Emergency Medical Service

Emergency Medical Service is a precarious and at the same time essential political issue.


The well-being of the civilian population is most important within democratic structures. To take over this challenge and conduct it reliably is a big responsibility.


We are aware of our responsibility!

Emergency service / Emergency Medical Service

· Area specific staffing of ambulance stations

· Emergency doctor service in governments duty

· securing of an in-firm emergency medical service

· provision of intensive care transports and adequate personnel

· provision of special transportation (e.g.  heavy load / infections)

· We would also be pleased to fulfill any special requests


To establish and operate rescue services and medical transport are parts of our service but we also offer special forms of rescue services, e.g. at constructions sites or cruise liners. We can also provide special solutions for infective patients.


You tell us what you want, we will realize your ideas. We can act as an independent operator of an ambulance station, furthermore we can complement the existent resources.


We would be glad to provide advice and help with structural problems concerning emergency services. Europe-wide!

Securing of emergency service