Expert advice on mass rallies and cases of mass damage

Bigger, better and more and more dangerous?

More frequently, lot of festivals end in very dangerous situations. The reasons vary from inadequate preparation to knowledge about the possible dimensions. We advice you on risk potentials and minimum requirements.


We offer advice that fits the special needs of your event. We will compose an individual risk profile and do not rely on ready-made charts and data sheets.

Consulting by „Critical Situations“

Our team offers highly qualified incident commanders, who bring along the experience of several mass rallies. Your event will be accompanied by our experienced staff, whether you expect 100.000 or 1.000.000 visitors.


We are able to support you on-site with incident command and emergency doctors. We are also able to assign operational headquarters to sustain your staff.


We integrate and embed existing structures to guarantee a discreet counseling in the background.

Our service offers live pictures and live video documentation via satellite directly to the dispatch center. This service ensures permanent rating of any damage.

We are also able to transfer any personnel or material to impracticable locations. Also with an outside Winch.

We offer a consulting service for your executive staff and incident commander over the phone. Additionally, we also offer on-site support in special cases.


We offer air surveillance for the assessment of risks. We are also able to transport the leading command crew to the place of accident.