Medical Task Force

Are you suddenly and unexpectedly in need of emergency medical service?


Our fast acting squad is at your disposal with vehicles and material in the shortest possible time.

We offer well attuned teams, who are responsible for your project until the efficiency review.


Anything is possible!

First Responder Squad

· We offer effective and down-to-earth medical help!

· We support you with well attuned teams!

· We only need a short lead time to react!

· We are equipped for every occasion!

Are you in need of a mobile health care center equipped with health personnel?


Our service includes modular containers prepared with state-of-the-art medical equipment, in ER-Quality, always ready to be transported to the desired location. Several examination and treatment rooms are serviceable in the shortest possible time.

Mobile health care center

More and more often, big concerns are moving, construction sites become small towns and legal restraints demand health care in companies.


We are able to build a health care center in virtue of the modular conception. Our mobile hospitals to not fall short of a county hospital. If necessary, we also provide experienced health personnel. Additionally, we support health care in your company.

Mobile Hospital