Fire Brigade Helicopter / Consulting

Fire Fighting Helicopters

A fire fighting helicopter provides you with the opportunity to:

ˇ identify fires during the height of the risk season  at an early stage

ˇ support the regional Incident Command from the air

ˇ delegate ground supported units / video monitoring

ˇ keep supplies and  pumps  coming

ˇ fight fires actively with convincing efficiency

The concentrated effort of fire fighting helicopters at an early stage is very efficient at places, where fires can still be fought quickly and effectively: During the forming phase!

Our high-performance helicopters and our well-established teams on the ground can cut the losses and prevent them partially.

We offer counseling on basic matters of fire protection requirements and support you with the improvement of your fire protection unit. If desired, we provide you with material and specialized staff, also seasonally limited.

Forest fires and large-scale fires in inaccessible or difficult to access areas can lead to considerable damages very often.

Fires have to be fought quickly during the forming phase. If this period is exceeded,  a massive effort is needed to extinguish the fire.  In many cases, the fire gets beyond control and may even destroy cultivated landscape.

The concentrated effort of fire fighting helicopters provides you with the opportunity to identify fires during the forming phase. They are being reported to the Incident Command. That way, fire-fighting can begin even before the first wads of smoke are visible.