Flight Training / Medical Training & Practical

Did we arouse your curiosity? Do you want to learn how to administer first aid? Do you want to give someone a flight with a helicopter as a present? Maybe you would like to join our team?


We take the responsibility for the education of emergency physicians, medical students and emergency medical technicians.

From trial flight to first aid course

Would you like to train as a pilot? Experienced live flight pilots conduct our courses. Our professional pilots are entitled to teach and they have long-time experience with Life Flights. Calmness, competence and qualification through expertise characterize our high-quality education.

Typerating and awareness, area PPL-N, area PPL-A, helicopter PPL-H, CVFR seminar and night flight training are possible at short notice. We also offer flight training in a simulator.

Pilot License

 As a medical student in your final year you have the possibility to be a visiting physician

 We offer first aid courses for your staff and the education of employees to become a company medic

 Our training for emergency medical technicians features instructions about newest developments

 Our flight training offers hints from old hands, who have long-time offshore experience