A decisive advantage in special situations is medical rear cover. Whether company conference, business trip abroad or special company event: it is important to have qualified medical help readily available. Discreet and competent. Plainclothes medical staff acts in the background, in compliance with the occasion.  They are immediately available in cases of emergencies or medical questions. We are equipped with extensive intensive care medical equipment, neutrally packed and in neutral vehicles.

Discreet security for statesmen, ambassadors, diplomats and representatives. It is always comforting to have a native-language, medical emergency rescue team at one's disposal. We also accompany you on travels to conflict zones around the world. Discreet like a feather, perceptible as safety.

High-performance vehicles round off our wide range.  The vehicles are all equipped with compact radio units and satellite phones, the latest medical equipment, everything state-of-the-art. The accessories of an intensive care station are packed into a neutral limousine.

We offer medical escort with the highest standard of discretion. Whether it is a influenza infection or a serious injury, our professional medical emergency support will be readily available for you. If required, we also offer immediate evacuation per helicopter or ambulance jet.

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Discreet Medical Service ( d.m.s )

Multinational companies hold meetings and conventions in exclusive locations of the world more and more often. We accompany you , are on site with multilingual doctors and if a simple influenza turns out to be a grave pneumonia, an ambulance jet is readily available for the transfer back to the home country.

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